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7 Ways to Be Close To Your Partner without Getting Physical

Intimacy is usually described as the second name of sex; however, it is not true. Intimacy is described as a close, familiar, and loving personal relationship with someone else.

There is no doubt that sex holds an important place in every couple’s relationship. However, intimacy is also a significant part of a relationship and it reaches much beyond sex. Sometimes a sweet gesture is enough for your partner.

Here are some ways to maintain the romance in your relationship without getting physical:

Holding Hands

Holding hands with your partner is much more significant than it may seem. Holding hands makes your partner feel loved and feel extremely connected with you. It is one of the great ways to express your love and happiness to your partner. According to a study, when people hold hands, it releases a love hormone know as Oxytocin.

It makes a couple feel happy and loved. Therefore, the next time when you are with your partner and want to show your love and support, just simply grab his or her hand.

Have Deep Conversation

Any relationship that consists of shallow and meaningless conversation is not a healthy one. There is no doubt that communication is the key to growth in any relationship. Discuss things with your partner; tell him or her about your day, problems or any random thing.

In case, you are unsure what to ask then come up with simple questions such as “for what in your life do you feel most appreciative?” or “what do you plan to do in the next few years?” one thing led to another and these simple questions might turn into a deep discussion.

Touch Each Other Non-Sexually

A simple innocent touch can be a sign of love and protection. Hugging or massaging your partner is some underrated way to show intimacy. The majority of people believe that hugging or massaging can possibly lead up to sex or in some steamy make-out session. However, even a few seconds of a hug can make you feel more connected with your partner. Giving a back massage to your partner without any reasons shows that you love your partner.

Spending Time By Doing Each Other Favorite Activities

In every relationship, there are a few things that you and your partner don’t have in common. On a free day or take a day off and do some activities that your partner loves the most and then have them do the same. This is one of the simple ways to understand each other’s passion and make some lasting memories.

Get Spiritual

In case, you and your partner have faith in the same thing and then use it to your advantage. Going to each other’s spiritual services together and considering what you learned can build a strong intimacy. Try to take a few minutes out of your day and pray or think about your partner, his or her goals, struggle, and triumphs.

It will strengthen your relationship, even if your partner is unaware of it. In case, you don’t share a faith then try to explore different things to maintain a personal connection with your partner.

Write Letters

Writing a letter never gets old and it never loses its charm. There is just something special about having written proof of someone’s love or someone is in love with you. Writing out your feelings can make it so much more meaningful and thoughtful, as your partner will be able to see that you have emptied out your heart onto a page. Writing letters once in a while is more meaningful when a couple is in a long-distance relationship.

Gaze Into Each Other Eyes Longingly

Staring into each other’s eyes without any reason can be a little awkward. Try dropping some distractions and stare into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, then talk about your day. It may seem like a long time, however, it actually goes by quickly. Smaller things like simple eye contact can take the intimacy in your relationship to a completely new level.

Both physical and emotional intimacy affects the relationship deeply. Therefore, it is important to build some connections with your partner through other things besides sex.

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