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Top 5 Best Nail Polish Shades for Fair Skin

Wearing your favorite outfit for a mini get away or a night out with friends is always incomplete without the pop of color that you can add to your look in the form of nail polishes. The shades available in nail polishes these days have so much variety that matching up a shade is no longer an issue. However, people often tend to get confused that whether a particular color will suit them or not. People who have fair complexion tend to look out for nail polishes that can make their hands look fairer rather than making them look dull. It takes a lot of time for them to get convinced that a particular shade compliments them. If you are one of those then we have the top 5 best nail polish shades for fair skin. They are mentioned below:

  1. Ballet Slippers by Essie

Nude shades are in these days as they add a unique touch to your hands. Many people often avoid wearing them as they feel that the color might not suit them. The shade ballet slippers by Essie is perfect for fair skin. It is a very subtle color that can suit anyone.

Ballet Slippers by Essie
Source – Revelist
  1. Coca Cola Red by OPI

There are various shades of red and all might not suit your hands. The Coca Cola Red shade by OPI is warm and has neon like finish. A single coat of the nail color is enough to pull off a look that is inspired by the era of 1980’s. It has smooth and jelly like finishing after it dries off.

Coca Cola Red by OPI
Source –
  1. Serene Slate by Essie

Grey nail polish is the new trend that everyone is busy following these days. If you have this perception that it is not then you need to get one for yourself. The Serene Plate by Essie is a perfect shade of grey and two coats of enough in order to get the final look.

Serene Slate by Essie
Source –
  1. Head Bang by Sally Hansen

Shades of brown are always in and they never get old. The shade by Sally Hansen will definitely make people notice your hands. Two coats of this shade can help you achieve the color you have been looking for.

Head Bang by Sally Hansen

  1. Blue Orchid by Deborah Lippman

One can never go wrong with shades of blue especially if you have a fairer complexion or skin tone. The pastel shade of blue is perfect for the two most beautiful and happening seasons of the year i.e. summer and spring.

Blue Orchid by Deborah Lippman

Hope this will help you……

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