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Severe Body Changes That Need Your Immediate Attention

Our body usually alerts us in terms of some physical symptoms before falling sick. But, in many cases, it has been observed that we often ignore such signals until the condition becomes worse. It is our responsibility to take care of our body just like we do with our other resources. As negligence comes easy, we often find it hard to signify the meaning of care.

In some cases, people find themselves in a fearful situation. They might be truly worried about a disease, just by the identification of some symptoms, without having a clinical diagnostic. Such an individual is named as a hypochondriac.

While this is just a medical term to define the psychology of a person, it would be a necessary step to have a piece of knowledge about some of the symptoms that often occur.

Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

A fluctuation, in the body’s weight in a short period, often signals an underlying chronic condition. And, this might be growing in serious illness.


A change in weight with considerable inconstancy in appetite is considered as one of the symptoms for diabetes. People with diabetes in the early days have a significant thirst for water and frequent urination.


Some people often experience a sudden weight gain or loss when they introduce themselves to the thyroid.

Chronic Cancer

In some cases, a cancer patient might lose his/her weight as of sudden. But mostly it occurs at a later stage on this chronic illness.

Change in the Color of Skin

Yellow in Jaundice

Our skin tells us more when a problem struck with our bodies. The most classic case of skin discoloration is when it gets a bit yellow. However, it signifies an underlying liver disease – jaundice.

Pale Skin in case of Anemia

Anemia is a medical term that is known for a deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood.

This condition happens when we have a sudden loss of blood. In another case, this situation may arise when our liver does not function well enough to produce enough blood.

This is best understood as a lack of iron in our blood which produces the red blood cells in our body.


Pigmentation on the skin is a direct indication of anemia. It often occurs at the places over our body where we expect more red blood cells with oxygen. People often have pigmentation around the upper part of their chicks.

Swollen Feet or Ankles

The swelling of a body part after an injury is very common. Besides, such a condition is quite normal in case of excess standing or walking. While, in case, a person’s feet are swollen for a period indicates an underlying condition of a chronic illness.

In most cases, this type of situation often occurs when a person has a problem in the liver, kidney, or heart. While in some cases, it can be associated with side effects of a medicine, meanwhile, if a person is under medication.

Fading Eyebrows

Sometimes a person notices a significant decrease in the hair count of eyebrows. She/he must be assured about her/his thyroid. This has been noticed with many people before being diagnosed with the thyroid.

Blood Spot in Eyes

A red spot around the iris is usually a sign of a broken blood vessel, that is supposed to omit in a few days. While if the problem persists, this might be a sign of regular high blood pressure or diabetes.

Uncanny Red face

An uncertain red face that occurs in abnormal circumstances could be due to a health condition, especially skin infection that is known as Demodicosis in medical terms. This might be an initial stage of severe allergic conditions. It would be sensible to consult a doctor in such a condition as soon as possible.

Pitting and Clubbing in the Nails

Nails, along with the skin, send a lot of signals while having a problem with the body. While inconsistent pitting around the surface of nails could be a sign of psoriasis.

The clubbing of nails might be a hereditary condition or indicates a serious underlying disease for instance infection, or a lung or heart disease. In some cases, the pale nails are very much a sign of iron deficiency in the body.

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