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How to Save the Most on Kids Tablets When Online Shopping

Kids Tablets

Tablets can offer kids a rich and engaging experience if parents monitor their screen time. They also can help kids stay focused and engaged with activities like learning, drawing or playing games.

Most tablets come pre-loaded with curated content and kid-friendly games. You can also find creativity apps that connect tablet technology with real-world toys and creative tools.

Check Coupon Codes

When shopping for kids’ tablets, check coupon codes through resources that offer deals like Black Friday Kohls before you checkout. Many online retailers have a dedicated coupon page where you can find exclusive offers and deals for the latest tablet models. Often, you can find a discount code for as much as 40% off the price of a new tablet. In addition, you can also find coupon codes for a free accessory, such as a case or even an extra battery.

When choosing a kid’s tablet, consider your child’s age and how you plan to use it. For example, younger children may be unable to handle a tablet with a screen larger than 10 inches. Additionally, the smaller the tablet is, the cheaper it will be.

The best kids’ tablets come loaded with curated apps and content for kids. This includes interactive eBooks, games, music, videos, and kid-friendly mindfulness applications. Many also have features that let kids communicate with their friends and family using video calling and messaging.

If your kids will be using the tablet for school-related tasks, like researching information or doing coding activities, looking for one equipped with a camera is a good idea. In addition, if your kids will be using the tablet to take selfies or create art, you’ll want to ensure that it has plenty of storage space.

Compare Prices

When shopping for kids’ tablets, finding the best deal is important. This is an important and great way to teach your children the value of money and how to identify the best deals. You can even take this activity by comparing prices at a grocery store or any other retail establishment. For example, ask your children to compare the prices of different detergent bottles or boxes and discuss which offers the best value.

Many kid-friendly tablets come with various apps to help your child explore the solar system, hone their math skills or read about ancient history. Some even have special features to help children improve their reading and writing skills. This makes a tablet a valuable tool that can help your child learn while having fun at the same time.

When choosing a kid’s tablet, it’s also important to consider the amount of storage. Your kids may want to save a lot of photos and videos, so make sure that the tablet you choose has plenty of space. You can also look for a model that allows you to expand the storage with an SD card. Also, many kid-friendly tablets have cloud-based options to store content remotely. This is ideal for kids who may be away from home or school and need to access their content on the go.

Use a Credit Card

Kids can use tablets to learn about the solar system or hone their math skills. They can also play games, read books and watch videos to have fun. In addition, many tablet models come pre-loaded with kid-friendly curated content. They may include a 1-year Fire for Kids Unlimited subscription and advanced parental controls. Some also feature a case designed to protect against drops and spills. A kid-friendly stylus is also helpful, especially if the device doesn’t have a headphone jack or you want to avoid losing or choking on earbuds.

While some parents have been shocked to find unauthorized gaming or app charges on their credit card statements, teaching kids responsible online shopping and financial habits is possible by getting them an authorized user on their credit cards. You can also set clear guidelines on authorized card use and teach them to monitor the account’s activity and pay off the balance on time.

A credit card is also useful for “real-world” entertainment purchases, such as tickets to movies or sports events and entry fees for rec centers and swimming pools. Plus, it can help kids buy clothing and school expenses without asking you for cash. Some credit cards even reward kids with points or cash back on purchases, which can add up quickly.

Look for Free Shipping

With today’s tech-savvy kids growing up so early, tablets are a common choice for parents to give their children for entertainment and education. These devices are more affordable and durable than smartphones and are easy to download many educational and entertainment apps, which come in handy for long road trips. They also have more comprehensive parental controls that prevent kids from accessing the unfiltered internet and making in-app purchases.

The most common kid’s tablet type is the slate style, which is rectangular and offers a large touchscreen surface for navigation. It is also often provided with a built-in stand feature for hands-free viewing and usage. Most slate-style kids’ tablets have a rugged exterior that can withstand rough use, which is important since kids can be notoriously hard on gadgets.

The best kid’s tablets are designed explicitly with children in mind and offer a variety of features to fit the needs of different age groups. 

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