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Google Wallet Got Better With Automatic Transfer

Google Wallet

Google has always come up with some interesting features for the users that lead to more comfortable living. Talking about the Google Wallet, there is no doubt that it has gained lot of popularity but it is equally true that this new app has undergone many changes and its new update on Android is simply mind blowing. In its new update, the entire process of payment has been made automatic. Yes, that does not mean it has become less secured. Instead it is more secured, keeps the detail private and makes the payment hassle free.

The new Update is Time Saver:

Google payments recent update has brought back life to it. Now users can rejoice with its automatic transfer function without any fear of cashing out. It thus not only helps you save money but also your valuable time and gives you a complete freedom to handle your own money. Certainly, in near future Google wallet is expected to undergo even more changes but it is equally true that the current update has certainly seemed to be fruitful for many users specially who tends to do online transaction the most. Although Google wallet had already been in existence but it has become more alive with its new update that lets you transfer automatically.

How the New Google Wallet Automatic Transfer works?

 Android pay was introduced by Google from quite a long time. Earlier it was not that well appreciated by people due to the old platform of Google. But now the company has come up with a bang and its merger along with Android Pay proves it capabilities with the feature of automatic transfer. There is no hard and fast rule to use Google wallet. You require email id or the contact number during the sign up as a part of verification and through which you will receive and gain money from any corner of the world in US. As long as you use that particular number, you will continue to make the transactions.

Features to Know:

  • In olden version of Google wallet, there had always been a problem of cashing out but now with the new update, this problem has been resolved and you easily manage and access the finances.
  • With the feature of automatic transfer, your process of debit card or bank account will be instant and much faster than the previous method. Previously it took 2-3 days for transaction to get successful whereas now it will be within 24 hours.
  • You don’t have to operate manually to transfer the money from your wallet to the bank. The moment money is received, the transfer process to bank will automatically take place and you will be notified about the same.
  • With Google wallet, you can keep the balance stored in the Google. You can link any of your bank account with it so that transfer can be easier and process will be smoother.
  • Along with the automatic transfer, Google has also undergone many fixes against the bugs and errors issues and made some good changes in the visual viewing of the app.

If you have still been a loyal user of Google wallet but haven’t used it from long, then let me tell you Google has just now got bigger, better and amazing. Now make your transaction more simple, hassle free, secured, and fast with it new feature called ‘Automatic Transfer.’

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