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Things You Still Need To Know About Reliance Jio 4G Preview Offer

Reliance Jio 4G Preview Offer

There is no doubt that Reliance Jio has come up to be a great surprise for the people this year because of the amazing deal which it offers. If you are all set to gear up to avail the 4 G preview offer, then you must not forget the most important thing and that is its terms and conditions.

Smartphone Must Have 4G Feature:

The company is all set to launch the VoLTE and 4G services at commercial level but it appears that t this can be availed only by the people who has a 4G Smartphone. The recent twitter about the company update provided that it is only best for the people of 4G-capable Smartphone’s.

Great Internet Usage:

On the other part the good news is there will be a daily limit after which the speed will come to 128Kbp. Of course 4 GB is lot more than what people would normally use on their mobile data. As compared to the unlimited preview plan, it seems that people who will have Reliance Jio SIM will enjoy Data usage to a great extent.

Selective Smartphone’s:

As stated earlier this Jo offer of $ G preview will only be applicable for the selective Smartphone’s who have 4G. Further categorizing, it will be used only for the people have LG and Samsung Smartphone’s. It can work fine with all Samsung models and LYF models. It is expected that in future, more upgrades will come up but for now, the current preview offer can only be availed by people who have Samsung or LG phones.

A Code Needs To Be Created:

There is a proper process to avail such amazing preview offer. As a part of the Jio team, the LG and Samsung Smartphone’s users have to download MyJio app. On this app, they will have to create a code. Once the code is created they need to move to Reliance Digital Mini store and submit the identity proof along with the code generated as a part of verification. Once the tele-verification is done, the person can then be available to avail the feature. The benefit would last for 90 days which means the person needs to keep the phone updated regularly.

Extended Benefits:

Although there are plus and negatives about the new 4G preview offer, but the existing customers can utilize the offer beyond 31st December 2016. In case they did not get the opportunity to enjoy seamless connectivity, they still have a good scope to use it till December.

The new updates are still yet to come but the preview offer certainly has grabbed the attention of any people across.

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