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Holi Celebration Ideas for Office – Make Your Own Workplace Colorful

Make Your Own Workplace Colorful

The festival of color and love, Holi is all about letting go of all your problems and having some fun with friends and family. The original meaning of the festival is the victory of the good over evil. It is also known as the mark of the arrival of spring and the end of winter.

Holi is celebrated in the majority part of India by burning a bonfire and on the next day everyone gathers up to play with color and bond over delicious jalebis, gujjiyas, kachoris, etc.

Due to the diversity in India, people in different parts of India have their own tradition of celebrating Holi. People celebrate Holi in their homes with samosas, bhang-laced thandai, halva, and have a water balloon match.

Over time, people start celebrating Holi in offices as well with their colleagues too by planning a small celebration in the office.

Celebrating Holi in Offices

Here are some ideas one can do to make every Holi celebration in the office a time to remember:

Make An Art Wall

Choose any one wall in your office and let office staff splatter color on the wall artistically. Have someone to supervise so they don’t create a mess and keep in mind to provide simple tools like brushes, sprays, folks, sponges, etc.

Or else, you can also tell your office staff to make a collage of handprints. The wall filled with a handprint is a good artwork to display in the office.

Make An Art Wall

Keep A Simple Cooking Contest

Even though Holi is related to water and colors, however, food also plays an integral part in it. Keep a simple gujjiya or any other simple cooking competition allowing the office staff to make their own Holi special dish. Ask your supervisors to judge the taste, appearance, and presentation. In case, you have an in house newsletter, you can publish the recipes for your followers.

Simple Cooking Contest

Announce Passion Awards

To make the occasion more exciting give some awards based on performance, aptitude, and enthusiasm than employees show towards achieving the given role. You could name an award as ‘Passion to impress’, ‘Passion to achieve’, ‘Passion to build a team’, etc.

Announce Passion Awards

Throw A Holi Party

Planning a Holi party in an office might be a little difficult however, nothing is impossible. Just like in Bollywood movies, tell your staff to come in all-white clothes. Play with organic colors, as chemical filled colors are harmful to eyes and hair. These organic colors do not leave stains of clothes and surroundings. No one wants to look messy after Holi, as it looks very unprofessional.

Holi Party

Prepare Some Halwa And Jalebis

Every Holi party menu is incomplete without halwa, jalebi, and thandai. Keep dry and stick to finger snacks to avoid the need for paper plates and plastic spoons. However, keep a huge stock of tissues.

Halwa And Jalebis

Arrange A Simple Menu

To maintain the neatness of the office arrange a simple menu that is loved by everyone. Prepare simple veg and non-veg food for the main course. For the main course, you can choose any of these dishes:

  • Biryani
  • Rajma Chawal
  • Chole Bhature
  • Paneer Butter Masala
  • Bhindi Masala

Thandai is a traditional drink that is necessary for every Holi party. While some parties have bhang-laced thandi, other stick with some alternatives likes:

  • Kesar milk
  • Beetroot juice
  • Mint lassi
  • Avocado lassi
  • Soya thandai

Arrange A Simple Menu

Play Traditional Games

Holi is a great time to make some memorable memories with your colleagues, friends, and family. Here are some of the traditional Holi games that you can play at your office:

Find the coin – a group of people finds a coin in colored water in minimum time

  • Tug-of-war
  • Pop the balloon by sitting on it
  • Sakli
  • Lagori

Play Traditional Games

Plan A Photo Shoot

Make a simple white background booth, to make your colorful office staff stand out. On the other hand, you can also go for a monotone like fuscia or a little yellow background. To complete the look you can add a nice background. Alternatively, you can also go for a little decorative background with a few paper flowers on the corners. For the best photograph, make sure that the lighting is good and appropriate.

Plan A Photo Shoot

With some ground rules, one can turn an office Holi party successful.

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