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Best HRMS Software in India to Keep an Eye On in 2022

With the variety of best HRMS software available in India, choosing the right one for your business can be a challenge. We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the best HR software available in India, allowing you to decide and choose the best one for your needs. It is possible to compare prices and features, reviews, and much more on this list.

Human resource department is crucial because it is the most significant resource for the business, the people. This is why they should take the time to focus on the employees of the business.

Razorpayx Payroll

RazorpayX payroll software is the most recent and most reliable payroll software available in India for businesses and startups in India. Payroll is an HR application that is distinct from other software. 

Wallet HR

Waller HR is helpful for members of the HR community to manage employee lifecycle effectively by catering to the needs of the employees at a low cost.

Wallet HR improves the experience of more than 2 Lakh plus users and 400+ customers worldwide and cuts across different verticals, with 99 percent data on retention of customers.

Beehive HRMS

Beehive is a top provider to businesses of cloud-based HR software in India. It is equipped with several features to help HR function efficiently. It is user-friendly, which is the main feature of this program. It also lets companies customize it to fit their procedures and policies, changing dynamically. Beehive boasts over 300,000 happy customers spread across five different countries.

Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

This is the era of cloud software. With cloud computing becoming so popular, organizations are looking for a digital setup and less usage of paperwork. With HRMS software Delhi, there are fewer chances of data breaches and data can be managed more efficiently. Ultimate Business System (UBS) offers the best cloud-based HRMS solution to SMEs and improves overall productivity. 


SumHR is a company that aims to streamline the process and management of Human Resources globally. Their software is built on their SaaS cloud-based platform. With this powerful, flexible and adaptable software, you can simplify your workflows and automate routine HR-related tasks to provide a better HR experience.

SumHR allows employees to keep track of and update information dynamically from any place, anytime, via the mobile device of their choice. SumHR is compatible with biometric attendance and geofencing in the latest version of its updates.

Darwin Box

Darwin Box aims to transform the way workflows interact with technology. They’re developing products to bridge the “digital divide” and be as effective as routine applications and software. Their latest HRMS software is focused on user-friendly use and scaling. They also include an in-built voice-bot named “Darwin,” which allows a voice-first approach in HR.


eliteHRMS is designed to meet the HR management requirements while ensuring the highest possible quality. It aims to ensure that its features are in line with the fundamental requirements of the business, thereby eliminating the need to customize later. They have a team of experts who make eliteHRMs easy and well-structured for their end-users. They also offer long-term assistance to all of their customers. Their clients include famous companies in the Production, IT and Food industries.

Facto HR

Facto HR offers cloud-based payroll and HR software that can assist your business in improving and streamlining the process of calculating salaries for your workers. This software allows you to calculate employee payrolls efficiently, quickly, and without errors. The entire process will require only minimal involvement from a human. It also guarantees that it complies with all company policies. FactoHR has served more than 1000 clients up to date.

GreytHR Software

GreytHR is among the most popular and longest-running HR-related software available in India. They’ve been the market leader for more than a quarter of a century now. Automation is easy and simple, with the efficiency of the software makes it the choice for over 9000 clients across India. 

HR Mantra

HR mantra is among the most sophisticated HR and payroll programs in India. It utilizes the most recent Angular technology, which includes the support of multilingual languages along with AI integration. It has a user-friendly as well as user-friendly experience. HR Mantra is ISO certified for secure communications. The company’s goal is to cut down around 30 minutes per employee every day and achieve an investment of 10x. They have more than 500 satisfied customers so far.

HR-One Software

HR-One is India’s fastest-growing HRMS software. It makes them stand out from other HRMSs because HR-One is a mobile-first application. That means their mobile app offers many features such as self-service for employees or HR tasks that can be completed on the go.

HR-one is a company that aims to make using their HRMS software as easy as sending a message. With their sleek and clean design, it’s not a surprise that their customer base includes HDFC Ergo, Lenskart, Haier, Pop XO and many more. Their distinctive attributes give them an edge over their rivals.


Keka is a Telugu word that translates to awesome. It is a clear statement of their goal in creating Keka Human Resources software. Keka can design an HRMS that is user-friendly and user-friendly.

Keka software’s employee-first program has drawn clients such as Dream 11, Vedanta, OnePlus, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Karcher, upGrad, and many more. It covers payroll management as well as Talent management. Training and nurturing talent, as well as acquisition. It is a company that is self-funded with over 3000+ clients to date.

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