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6 Big Mistakes That Destroy Family Relationships


When we open our eyes, start learning things around and understand the way we should talk, walk and deal with life, it is always our family which stands by us. We understand different expressions and emotions in our life because of our family be it love, anger, acceptance or support. Some people stay in a nucleus family while some are born in a joint family and love to enjoy the unity, sorrow and bonding together. But there are few things which can destroy the extended family which you must avoid in your case.

1. Neglect:

Often times, with so many people around, it is quite obvious that you may feel neglected or you may neglect a person who really admires. Often this situation happens among children, and if they are not pampered and taken care at the early age, they might not react in a positive way as they grow. This can create one thick wall between you and your family.

2. Insults:

Although we live in a joint family but when we get insulted or criticized by someone in front of all, we get hurt. This is a natural human tendency but if it occurs frequently, it can lead to a major serious dispute. This must be either controlled or avoided. Anger can take place anytime but you need to learn to control it and try to not speak any rubbish or misused words in front of family ever.

3. Gossiping:

you stay with your family and not your friends and that is why you need to understand that what you talk behind the back of a person can be hurtful. If someday that individual comes to know about it, it will kill the love and bonding that you guys shared. It is always better to avoid gossiping and instead clear out the problems that you have.

4. Less Involvement:

This has become a common problem among the generation of today’s era. Call it a fate, busy lifestyle or the human tendency, although the family looks good staying together, but lack of involvement in activities make it a hurdle to share the bonding and joy which in olden days joint family use to share.

5. Lies:

Often many people don’t understand that your family is always there to support you. If you lie or start hiding things from them, it eventually means you are creating disputes and differences. That is why, you need to understand the right way to tackle the problems and instead of hiding it or lying about it, try to face it.

6. Accept the Differences:

As the children grow up, they learn same guidance, disciplines and understand the right way of living. But adults often compare them due to which as a child, it becomes difficult for the kids to understand. This creates a lot of communication gap and adults need to know that every view of the individual will never be same and hence kids should not be always compared. Come what may be the problem, difference, or issue that you are facing, always remember, more than anything else, your family is always there to support you and stand by you. But to unite them all together, you also need to keep important things in mind and avoid small things that can result to big differences.

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