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Some Undeniable Reasons White Label App Development is More Profitable Than Custom Apps

Custom App Development has been in trend lately, and businesses are preferring it to drive business growth. However, there is no denying the fact that it needs a considerable amount of time and resources to get a custom app developed, and not all businesses have it. This is where white label app development comes into the picture. 

Building white label apps is convenient as compared to custom apps. Moreover, small to medium scale businesses can build their own apps as per requirements. Hence, it is recommended that before getting a mobile app developed, one should determine the time and cost involved in the process. 

“In 2021… There will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web is less important and useful than in the past and apps are the dominant factor in people’s lives.”

PewResearch Internet Project

White label app development is getting popular because of faster development time and low costs incurred, it is critical to understand what the process offers. If you have limited resources and are confused about whether or not white label app development is an ideal choice, keep reading. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with some undeniable reasons to choose white label app development over custom apps. 

A usual app development project requires a complete team of designers, developers, testers and project managers. Hiring such professionals involves incurring huge costs. On the contrary, when it comes to white label app development, it requires just a few key features and UI elements. Such elements are already built and need a few tweaks and are one of the most affordable options to get a new app developed. 

Also, finding clients who would pay significantly high prices for your app is very difficult, when they can get the same thing at much lesser prices with white label app development. Providing white label apps is an affordable choice customised as per the specific requirements of each client. 

  • Technical Expertise or Coding Knowledge is not Required: 

App development has become a necessity for enterprises. That said, to get away from the challenges of huge costs involved, professionals have started to equip themselves with the knowledge of the latest technicalities. Furthermore, the self learned endeavours may not be promising enough to develop highly competitive mobile apps. 

This is why white label app development is considered over custom app development. With white label app development, developers can integrate design elements and new features to an existing app without having to write a single line of code. It means that professionals will not have to again and again upgrade themselves with new technical skills. 

  • Maintenance Costs  and Admin Challenges are Minimum: 

Startups have limited resources and so they try to take care of most of the apps themselves, as far as possible. Just as using drag and drop website builders, or the use of eCommerce platforms like Shopify that are ready to use, they find white label app development to be more lucrative as compared to custom app development.

They prefer white label app development simply because of lower administrative costs and simple maintenance. With white label app development, a startup will not have to hire an in-house development team. With white label app development, the administrative and development cost overload gets reduced, whereas at the same time they will not have to let go of the opportunities mobile apps offer. 

  • Creates More Value for Your Consumers: 

An app in itself is a valuable addition to any business, and enterprises have started to understand this. However, the professionals without any technical background and tight budget cannot opt for just any programming option on their own. That said, they will have to look to hire an expert development team who can cater to all their requirements. 

As an alternative, they can easily choose white label app development. With white label app development, you can easily focus on core business activities and cater to your clients, instead of getting involved in technicalities that you do not understand. You can also plan for the execution of value creation for your consumers either through offline or online interactions.   

White label apps not only enable a business to save considerable amounts of time and money, but at the same time you get more time to explore your market, plan its marketing, and work on new customer acquisition. This way you can push your business forward towards growth, in a more decisive manner. White label doesn’t take away available resources, instead it enables the creation of new resources. 

  • Enhanced Versatility: 

When a business enterprise chooses to develop an app by themself, they often become confined to a specific market or niche. The skills and energy can be used to either develop one or two apps of similar kind, but developing more becomes rare. For instance, if you develop an eCommerce app and it turns out to be incredibly amazing, you may then get a second client with different requirements. 

They may require a B2B app, a SaaS app, or an internal communications app. In such a situation, you may find yourself in uncharted territory and may also doubt your own existence in the industry. Such clients will be easily negotiated with a professional outsource game development or expert professionals with years of long and diverse experience. 

No matter what the requirements of a business are, with white label app development, you can easily cater to all their requirements, as per their business model. In addition to it, it enables developers to promise their clients with fantastic app development. They also deliver a product according to what they have promised. 


Summing up what we just discussed, a company whose job is to market and resell apps, they cannot spend their entire lives behind coding a variety of apps, as per specific choices. White label app development has become a highly versatile and large industry. It enables the development of apps that are affordable, beautiful, functional and robust. 

Modern white label mobile apps also have a high degree of personalization and hence it enables the development of a highly sophisticated mobile app that looks great. Moreover, it works according to high standards as well. The best part? All of these are offered at pocket-friendly rates. 

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