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Top 10 Virtual Event Software Platforms

As a result of the pandemic, various virtual event software platforms have found their place in the market. Choosing one from amongst so many virtual event platforms can get intimidating. This article has curated a list of the top 10 virtual event software platforms to choose from. Let us dive straight into the article and find out the best online event platforms available in the market.


Dreamcast is one of the best virtual event software platforms available in the market. It is the only virtual event platform that provides you with a customized event environment. The platform provides you with advanced technological features to boost networking, engagement, data analytics, and security. It conducts all types of virtual and hybrid events. Its key features are as follows –

  • AI Matchmaking: AI matchmaking identifies the goals and interests of the attendees and helps them network or connect with the right people. AI Matchmaking helps the attendees reach out to the people based on their common interests and makes it easier to network.
  • Attendee Access Control: Attendee access control is a crucial feature that helps keep your meetings secure. You can give special access permission to the attendees.
  • Dynamic Banners: Dynamic banners help you promote your sponsors at the same place. Dynamic banners are clickable and allow the attendees to reach the sponsor’s website making it a great way to increase the brand impact.
  • Gamification and Engagement: It has a games library with more than 100 games. You can either choose from among these or include the game of your choice to boost engagement. It also provides other engagement features like live chat, audio/video calls, signature wall, and feedback forms.
  • Customized Environment: Dreamcast’s virtual event platform allows you to customize your event. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your event, giving you more control over your event. You can add new functionalities, designs, music, icons, booths, etc.

Spot Me

Spot Me is a virtual event solution that provides both live and on-demand events. Just like other platforms, Spot Me provides breakout sessions, interactive 2-way communication, and engagement features.

  • Easy User Interface: It is known for its easy-to-use interface and seamless navigation.
  • Add-ons: It provides a lot of add-on features to make your event more interactive and engaging.
  • Flexibility: It allows you to create events with flexibility and broadcast them on social media.

Go to Webinar

GoToWebinar is also a popular virtual event solution for virtual conferences and summits. Although it is easy to use and popular, it lacks some key features like AI matchmaking. Given below are the features it provides –

  • Webinar Template creation
  • Customized Branding
  • Live Polls and Surveys
  • Analytics and Reporting

Hey Summit

If you are someone who is not well-versed with technology, HeySummit is a good option. Although it does not have as many features as the others, it is known for its easy-to-use interface. Some of its prominent features are –

  • Landing page creation
  • Live and Pre-recorded event sessions
  • Speaker Dashboards
  • Event analytics and reporting


Airmeet is a virtual event software platform that provides a virtual environment for hosting events of different types. Its key features are as follows –

  • Networking: It provides a customizable networking area and allows the attendees to start their discussion tables and schedule meetings
  • Real-time Analytics: It helps you track the attendee attention levels and capture the 360-degree details of the event with its advanced data analytics features. It also helps you track the KPIs of your virtual event success.
  • Security: It provides advanced security features like data integration, audit & compliance, and data encryption.
  • Third-party Integration: It allows you to integrate the Airmeet app with other third-party apps like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce.

Big Marker

Big marker is a virtual event platform that caters to webinars, summits, and virtual conferences. It is widely known for its user-friendly interface and third-party integration features.

  • Landing Page: It helps create attention-grabbing landing pages for your website.
  • Live Video: It provides features like live audio/video chats to make the event more interactive.
  • Social Media Streaming: It allows you to Livestream your event on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Surveys: It provides embedded survey and feedback forms allowing the attendees to share their thoughts and opinions.
  • Email Marketing: It provides email marketing support and helps you promote your event through emails.


VFairs provides an alternative solution to physical events with the help of a virtual event platform. It is a user-friendly platform that combines an expert team and advanced technology to provide you with an immersive event experience. Below are its most prominent features –

  • 3D Environment: It provides a 3D environment to create an immersive event experience and make it feel real.
  • Video and document hosting: Its user-friendly interface allows video presentation and document downloads and uploads.
  • Gamification: It allows you to add games to your event to make it more engaging.
  • Data Analytics: Data analytics feature helps in-depth reporting of the event both during and after the event.


Hopin is a virtual event software platform that offers virtual streaming of webinars and other events. It is well-known for its attendee engagement features. It has a fixed pricing model.

  • Live Chat and Live Polls: It provides live chat and live polls to make the attendees feel valued and keep them engaged throughout the event.
  • Interactive Event: It provides multiple engagement features like Q&A sessions that make the event interactive and help establish 2-way communication.
  • Customizable: Hopin virtual event platform allows you to customize the colors, icons, and designs.
  • Pre-event Scheduler: The pre-event scheduler allows you to schedule meetings and events well before the event and keep the attendees updated.


Aventri is one of the best virtual event platforms that provide both virtual event and hybrid event solutions. Given below are some of its key features.

  • Easy Registration: It provides easy registration for the event that helps boost attendance.
  • Networking: It uses technological solutions to match like-minded people with each other providing better networking opportunities.
  • Analytics: Its advanced analytics and reporting features help track key metrics in real-time.
  • Sponsorship: It allows you to maximize the sponsor’s visibility and brand impact.


Hubilo is another virtual event software platform that provides virtual event and hybrid event solutions. It comes with pre-built event templates you can choose from based on your requirements. Hubilo has a lot of engagement and fun features to keep your attendees interested in the event. Some of its notable features are –

  • Live Chat and Q&A Sessions: It has features like live chat and Q&A sessions that allow the attendees to connect with others in real-time and boost engagement.
  • Break Out rooms and Lounges: It allows you to create multiple breakout rooms and lounges to increase engagement.
  • Leaderboard: The attendees can gain points by answering questions and participating in different activities, and get a higher rank on the leaderboard. This helps boost engagement and adds a fun element.
  • Live Poll: Live poll feature provides the attendees with an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions. It also allows them to share suggestions and feedback.
  • AI Matchmaking: AI matchmaking tool helps match the attendees with other people based on their common interests. It helps the attendees meet their goals.

Summing Up

Now that you are aware of the best virtual event platforms, the next step is to identify your requirements and match them with the features offered by various platforms and choose the best one.

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