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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality – An Overview

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

The advancement in technology has been surprising the people in many ways. It definitely has lead to a rapid development in the lifestyle and made it possible to allow the customer have a comfort living. The technology advancement has even resulted in many impossible creations out of which Virtual and Augmented reality are some of the best ones in the market. Unfortunately both these creations have lead to a huge confusion in the difference between the virtual and augmented reality which eventually has lead to media attention. No doubt that both these technologies promises in the growth and better future. Here is an overview on virtual reality Vs. Augmented reality that you might be helpful.

Virtual Reality

This is an computer generated yet artificial simulation of a situation. It appears to the users by giving them a feel of the simulated reality with stimulating vision and hearing.

Augmented Reality

AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that shows email, text messages and even the sports games on 3 D. It is a computer generated engagement layer which creates a more meaningful view for a smooth interaction. It uses digital components in such a way so that the viewing can be more enhancing.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality are inverse reactions of each other but serves a common purpose that is to deliver the technology in the best manner to the user. In augmented reality the virtual images are delivered where as in virtual reality offers a recreation of real life is shown in a digitalized manner.

Know the Similarity

Similar technology: Both of these creations have the use of same sort of technology that serves a similar purpose and that is to select the user get an enriching viewing experience.

Source of Entertainment: In terms of entertainment, both the technologies have proved out to be value for money. Although in past, such terms were merely just an imagination but now with the leading technologies, they have become a best source of entertainment especially for the tech savvy users.

Blend of Medicine and Science: Both the technologies show a tremendous improvement and have the potential to change the medical field landscape and transforming them into a reality. The technologies are now used for healing the situations such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

How do Augmented and Virtual Realities Differ?

Purpose: The aim of augmented reality is to enrich the experiences of the viewers by adding virtual components like graphics and sensations where as virtual reality is completely driven by computer.

Method to Deliver: Virtual reality is made for the users in such a way that it can be controlled by hands and can be adjusted or mounted on the head for viewing. Augmented reality is used in mobile devices like tablets and Smartphone to change the interaction between the digital images with real world.

Language used: There is no specific code language used in augmented reality where as virtual reality Virtual Reality Modeling Language is used as a coding language to create the series of images.

What could be the possible future?

This is a question for which the answer entirely depends on the preference set by humans and services offered by the technology. Before this question what really matters is whether human would wish to go with such experience in real future in terms of construction, well-being and reality. Technology although makes a living comfortable but it certainly cuts you off from the real world.

So far both these technologies can prove to be a good home treat or to a certain extent a social experience, but whether it is the real future or not is something cannot be answered now itself as the technologies still need lot of improvements.

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