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Top 7 SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

7 SEO Trends

We already know that search engine optimisation or SEO of the websites is of immense importance for getting higher ranks in the result pages of the search engines. Now, in the year 2020, SEO might become very crucial due to a number of reasons.

The use of voice search augmented reality and virtual reality slowly emerging in the digital market, it becomes quite important to take hold of the situation before it becomes overwhelming.  Therefore, it becomes quite essential to have a clear and complete understanding of the SEO trends in the year 2020.

Optimisation of Video Content

In recent times, customers are increasingly going for video and audio content. This is exactly the reason as to why the marketers have started using these as tools of marketing. Now, with a sharp and prolific rise in the video as a tool of marketing, optimisation of video content is becoming extremely important for meeting the standards of the search engines.

To make it even simpler, it would be very correct to say that video SEO would certainly become one of the most important SEO trends in the year 2020.

Optimisation of Video Content

Search Intent and Code Optimisation

To keep all your SEO strategies up to date, it is essential to living in the future. One of the greatest changes in SEO that has come is the search intent and code optimisation. Thus, it becomes important to what exactly is search intent. Nowadays, it is not sufficient to put in a few keywords into a blog and then expect the same to show up on the first page of the results of the search engines.

This is because of the fact that Google as a search engine is showing the results based on only the keywords. Instead, it is showing the results by paying attention to the intent of the search. To make it simpler Google actually wants to show exactly what the customers are looking forward to. So, search intent code optimization is essential in the time to come.

Search Intent and Code Optimisation

Voice SEO

Another thing about the latest SEO trends in the year 2020 is voice SEO. Voice searches are becoming increasingly common among users. The reports indicate that about 50 percent of the total online search would be voice search in the year 2020. This clearly indicates that the voice search would certainly become the most commonly used search method in the time to come.

Thus, voice SEO would gain a lot of importance in the year 2020 and brands need to keep it in mind that voice optimisation would essentially become a mandate. Otherwise, they cannot expect a good flow of traffic to their brand.

Voice SEO

Optimisation of CTR for Google Rankbrain

If you want to be at the top in SEO in the year 2020, then it is of immense importance for optimizing the website for Rankbrain which is actually the search engine algorithm of Google. The click through rate of the website is a vital factor in making a decision as to whether the content of the website is relevant to the search of the users or not.

To state the same in simpler terms, it would be right to say that if the users do not click on the link of your website even when it is in the first page of the search results, Google thinks that your website is not relevant for the keyword that is typed by the users.

Google Rankbrain

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Boosting Organic SEO by Enhanced Social Media Indexing

The content marketing industry would be booming in the year 2020 which will undoubtedly have a great impact on SEO. The SEO trends of 2020 will be focusing on the creation of such content that has the ability to satisfy the intent of the search.

Social media is already on the rise and is all set to play a major role in SEO in the year 2020. So, the content being indexed for social media with boost up the organic SEO.

Social Media Indexing

Longer Content for Higher Search Rankings

The SEO 2020 trend is to focus on the longer content. The more is the length of the content, the better is the search rankings on Google. Thus, the marketers should typically focus on creating high quality content that is long enough so as to come up with the intended results.

Higher Search Rankings

Going Mobile

Today we are living in a world of mobile and mobile searches are extremely common. Thus, it becomes very important to create content throughout all platforms from mobiles to desktops. It is to be remembered that Google crawls both mobile as well as a desktop version. Google will rank a website higher if it has both mobile and desktop version than having only a desktop version.

Higher Search Rankings

So, these are the top seven SEO trends to watch out for in the year 2020.

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