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How to Earn Sustainable Income as a Blogger

Every blogger wants to earn a good income out of his or her blog. However, it is not an easy task due to tough competition. That said, some tips can make things easier for you. And allow you to earn a sustainable income from your blog. In this post, we are going to mention some of the smart blog monetization strategies that will make it easier for you. And expect a reasonable income from your blog by concentrating your efforts in the right direction.

Add Adsense or a Similar Program

As opposed to personal blogs, the commercial blogs are created to earn income. Adsense may not be the get-rich overnight scheme. Still, it is highly revered and preferred by most bloggers. A majority of top bloggers are earning excellent revenue out of Adsense. The best thing is that AdSense is not the only way to earn through advertisements. You can also opt for other ad programs to earn a good income. However, you need to keep certain things in mind when working with such advertisement programs:

  • Position of Ads: The ad position determines its visibility and interactions. For instance, placing Ad at prominent eye positions like the center or right side of the top pane is likely to attract attention and interaction.
  • Season: Depending upon your niche many times the ad income can also be influenced by different seasons. For instance, you can expect a higher income, especially from Western Countries during November and December due to Christmas.
  • Direct advertising: This model is best for bloggers who have already crossed the beginners’ stage and are now in the intermediate stage. Also, make sure that you have a high volume of relevant traffic. If your blog has less than one thousand daily visitors then it isn’t the ideal model for you.

Earn through Affiliate links

Bloggers also earn a sufficient income with affiliate marketing and the best thing is that as your blog traffic evolves and multiplies, your income potential also multiplies. It makes affiliate marketing a scalable income option. In this model, you have to place a shopping link for the brand you are associated with as an affiliate. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase you are paid a specific commission on the same.

Unlike ads, the affiliate links should be placed based on the context rather than the visual position. For instance, it isn’t a wise decision to place your affiliate link at the top centre just because it attracts the eye. Instead, it would be better to insert the link in an industry-relevant blog, like placing a link of the budget hotel into a budget travel blog post.

Avoid placing the links in the same text format/color as that of the article body as it can easily get lost in the article. Instead use a different color that naturally attracts the eyes: blue, green, etc.

Sell Different Items As A Reseller Or Proprietary Vendor

For people with a hardcore entrepreneurial mindset, it would be best to start selling their products. Even if you don’t have a huge amount of money you can still join some good brands as a reseller. In this model, you buy products at a lower price, add the profit margin as per your preferences. And then sell it to the right prospects. In this model, everything remains almost the same as affiliate marketing with the exception that instead of getting a fixed commission you can add your profit margin. Besides, some companies can also require you to first buy their products and then resell them to the end-users.

Just make sure that you should be fully equipped with the right resources skills and manpower to deliver customer satisfaction. Alternatively, you can also start your own business if you have the required resources, assets, or experience. In case you have a good traveling experience but don’t have the time to produce long-form materials like books or detailed guides then you can hire a copywriter or get one at lower rates through freelancing sites like Fiverr.

Sell Digital Items

You can also expect a good income by selling digital items like digital books or e-guides. Likewise, if you have clicked awesome photos then you can also sell those photos through your blog. The best thing about selling digital products is that you don’t have to divert your attention much as you would still be selling digitized formats. Make sure to price your digital products competitively as people generally don’t prefer to pay a high amount for digital products.

Write Sponsored Posts

Another way to earn an income as a blogger is to get sponsored posts that you can write on a paid basis. To get the sponsored posts easily you can create a dedicated page on your website to inform the relevant brands that you are open to the sponsored posts. However, such pages should be designed and written carefully as Google has specific guidelines regarding the sponsored posts and if your website is found to going against these guidelines it can have negative effects.


In today’s time, the competition in the digital world has multiplied. And it has made it more difficult for digital enterprises to gain success. One such business is blogging. As more and more people are adopting blogging as a serious profession and commercial enterprise, the income opportunities have also divided. However, with the focused strategies you would find it less difficult to earn a good income from your blog. In this post, we mentioned some of the actionable tips to increase your blogging income. The readers are advised to carefully go through these tips and prepare a checklist accordingly. Make sure that you follow the checklist diligently and within a reasonable time, you can expect a good income out of your blog.

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