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How To Beat The Summer Heat And Stay Cool?


On hot humid days, muscles work with the skin for blood circulation. When it’s hot outside, more blood flow increases near the skin to help waste body heat and cool the body as keeping your body’s temperature from escalating to risk levels. But less blood reaches muscles, hence the tiredness.

However, as when your body becomes warmer, muscle enzyme production increases and burn glycogen more very fast, using stored sugar that your muscles employ for fuel. Hence it’s compulsory to drink a lot of fluids that would hydrate your muscles and skin moderately in order to balance internal cooling down.

Points to be followed beat the summer heat and stay cool:

1. Avoid Alcohol and Sugary Drinks

Alcohol and drinks consist a large lot of sugar which cause you to lose more body fluid. It is better to stick with water.

2. Refill Salts and Minerals

Heavy sweating will eliminate salt and minerals from your body. These elements are compulsory for your body and must be refilled. Sports drinks can fulfill the need for salt and minerals decreased through sweating. If you are on a low salt diet, confirm with your doctor first before in taking sports drinks.

3. Use Sun Screen

Use of sunscreen is compulsory. It will save your skin from being burnt.

4. Stay Indoors

When the mercury increases sometimes the most important thing to do is stay in where it’s cooler. If you have AC great, you’re saved. If you don’t like to open the windows at night, employ a window fan to take in cool air into the room. In the morning, close the windows and curtains to keep the heat from the sun remain outside the house of the house. Employ fans to remain cool during the day.

5. Consume light, small, frequent meals

Begin the morning with a sweet, juicy fruit at breakfast. Ripe summer fruits like peaches, plums, melons and pears, are correct choice what your skin wants for in the hot season. Citrus fruits are also a good choice. Eat whole or extract their juice, keep in the refrigerator and drink often throughout the day.

6. Keep salads in your diet

Choice of leafy lettuce and summer greens, cucumbers, in salads are a tasty method to stay cool. These foods have water and can actually maintain the blood, which results in cooling effect. Onions are also good choice in the summer, because they absorb the heat and resulting relief from summer problems. So, put in some washed onion slices onto a sandwich, or in the salad.

7. Your Body should not be dehydrated

Minimum intake of 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water is the best choice as it doesn’t have any sugars that can increase up to unnecessary calories. Sometimes, a lemon and honey drink can also replace your body’s lost fluids and work as an energy booster. Consume fluids even if you are not yet signaled by the brain. Once you have the experience of being thirsty that defines you are already dehydrated. To fulfill the moisture that you eliminate as you perspire, ensure to drink. As you eliminate water to dehydration, your body temperature increases, so fulfilling fluids are mandatory to keeping cool. Don’t intake beverages that include alcohol, caffeine, or lots of sugar, which are water absorbing.

8. Choose loose, full-sleeved cotton clothes

Choose loose, full-sleeved cotton clothes to wear to save the body from the sun and to aid evaporation of precipitation. Make use of a hat to save your head from the sun when you go out.

9. Don’t consume extreme cold foods and drinks

Most of us usually choose these and they are usually known to decrease digestion and sweating process, thereby hindering the body’s natural cooling process. So, however good it seems to it may be to sit on your seat and having an ice cream cone or sipping a cool glass of tea, rather try a wedge of watermelon which is the better option.

The sultry scorching summer heat is tough on our bodies, our moods, and electric bills. Don’t allow the temperature to put you down. These above tips will assist you to keep cool even if it experiences like the sun is affecting you. So try to follow the points in this summer.

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