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Christmas Season is Around the Corner: Time to Plan a Walt Disney World Vacation

Christmas Season

Walt Disney World is a sure shot entertainment based complex located in Florida that is known worldwide and is especially very famous amongst children all over the world. It is one of the most visited and liked vacation destination by people of all ages and around 52 million people visit this place annually. It is spread in more than 27,000 acres of land with number of eye catching hotels, water parks, golf courses, entertainment and camping areas, theme parks, rides and retail units where you can buy some really exclusive stuff.

You can visit this out of the world place at any time during the year but if you want to explore the real magic then visit this place during the Christmas season. It is the best time to visit this spectacular place and you will cherish the memories of visiting this place throughout your life.

Walt Disney World

During Christmas you will get to see beautiful and exotic decorations that you wouldn’t have seen in your entire lifetime. The place is very difficult to describe and it is totally beyond words during the Christmas period. It will leave a magical spell on you and you would feel like that you are actually living in a dream world. Plan your trip in advance because many visitors from around the world come to visit this lovely place in Christmas season. So decide in advance and come a little before Christmas so that you don’t face any hassles in booking.

Special features that you will notice during Christmas period are-

Decoration all Over

Everything is decorated during this season. The Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Resorts and Hotels, Hollywood Studios and every other thing will be completely decorated. The staff works 24X7 during this period especially at night so that the guests are not disturbed and they can do the decorations fastly. All the decorative material is kept in warehouse. You will find Christmas tree almost everywhere. Some trees are decorated with handmade exclusive products that are procured from the artisans all over the world.

Decoration all Over

Parades and Fireworks

Special parades are carried out during this season. At the Magic Kingdom a Jingle Cruise is formed. Special shows are also organized during this time. Candlelight procession takes place which tells the story of Christmas with orchestra and many celebrity guests also mark their presence during this season. You will get to see some lovely and breathtaking fireworks in the Hollywood Studio of Disney during this time. Light shows are also organized that add more to glory to this occasion.

Parades and Fireworks

Christmas Party

You can also call it as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  You have to spare out some extra cash for this party as it is not included in the general fare. 86$ are charged for adults and for children it is 81$. Taxes on this ticket are additional. If you don’t have money problem then you should definitely try this option because you get an option of a private party in the Magic Kingdom, viewing the very special Christmas parade, specially crafted shows involving fireworks and an opportunity to explore many more attractions which you won’t be able to see otherwise. Snow is the main highlight in this party.

Christmas Party

You will see Mickey and his friends dressed in perfect apparels. Cinderella Castle is a visual treat for all.

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