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Best Aluminum Profile Suppliers from China

Aluminum Profile Suppliers

Do you need assistance importing aluminum profiles from China? Here is a ranking of China’s leading producers and suppliers of aluminum.

Guangdong JMA Aluminum

It’s a significant business established in 1993 and has its headquarters at the Nonferrous Metal Industrial Park in the Chinese city of Foshan, Guangdong Province. When developing contemporary-designed metal construction materials for doors, windows, and curtain walls, JMA Aluminium is a pioneer in the Chinese aluminum sector. Three factories belonging to JMA Aluminium make up its 800,000 square meters of total floor space.

Products made by JMA Aluminium are marketed in more than 30 Chinese provinces and cities and exported to more than 70 nations.

Foshan Shenghai Aluminum

Aluminum profiles built to order, in great volume, and to the designs and specifications of the customer are Foshan Shenghai’s speciality. Their products have a broad selection, excellent quality, affordable prices, and fashionable designs, earning the respect and trust of all customers. If you pick them, you will receive prompt service.

The company has been operating since 2010, and since then, it has established a reputation as China’s top aluminum factory. Their products are known and trusted worldwide because we consistently adhere to ISO9001. They try to satisfy your needs and discover the best possible profile specially tailored for you.

Xingfa Aluminium

As a high-quality aluminum profile producer in China, Xingfa Aluminium specializes in industrial aluminum profiles for hi-tech military equipment and hi-tech windows, curtain walls, and doors.

In China, Xingfa Aluminium, founded in 1984, is the leading supplier and manufacturer of architectural aluminum profiles. There are 6 facilities operated by Xingfa Aluminium in China, with locations in Jiangxi Yichun, Sichuan Chengdu, Henan Qinyang, and Guangdong Foshan.

Custom aluminum extrusion, aluminum extrusion profiles, 6000 series aluminum, aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls, aluminum handrails, aluminum louvers, aluminum formwork, aluminum pallets, aluminum pedestrian bridges, industrial aluminum profiles, and more are all areas of expertise for Xingfa Aluminum.

Zhongwang Aluminium

It is a pioneering company and a market leader in the fabrication of aluminum on a global scale. Zhongwang Aluminium was founded in 1993 and had offices in Beijing and Hong Kong in addition to its headquarters in Liaoyang City, Liaoning, China.

The world’s second-largest aluminum extrusion manufacturer, Zhongwang Aluminium, is the biggest in Asia. Zhongwang Aluminium uses modern machinery for research and development, die design, production, alloy smelting, and casting to offer consumers one-stop services.

Asia Aluminium

With the most advanced manufacturing facilities, it’s among Asia’s biggest aluminum producers. The Asia Aluminum Industrial City, New Hi-tech Development Zone, Dawang, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, is home to Asia Aluminium, founded in 1990. High-precision aluminum products are Asia Aluminium’s primary area of design and production.

Asia Aluminium has an annual manufacturing capacity of 500,000 tons, thanks to automated mold-making machinery. One of the “Top Ten Preferred Brands” and “China Aluminum Top Ten” lists frequently includes the Asia Aluminium brand.

Sinpower Aluminium

As a reputable manufacturer of extruded aluminum in China, they concentrate on creating, producing, and manufacturing prevalent aluminum extrusion T-slot profiles, aluminum tubes, extruded aluminum profiles, heat sinks, aluminum frames, solar mounting systems, die casting, CNC Aluminium Parts, and custom aluminum extrusions with aluminum extruder lines ranging from 600-3,600 tonnage. Over 10,000 tons of aluminum goods are produced and sold by us each year.

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