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Best Vanadium Suppliers from China

It’s not a big secret that China is the world’s largest steel producer, meaning there are more than enough Vanadium suppliers from China to fulfill your metal needs. Read on if you want to know more about China’s top 4 Vanadium suppliers.

Zhejiang Tianyi Group Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Tianyi Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Vanadium products with a focus on the domestic and overseas markets. Their main products include Vanadium Metal, Vanadium Powder, and Vanadium Ore.

They adhere to the “Quality First, Service First” standard and provide a complete range of services, including R&D, production, and sales, to meet customers’ requirements. They have been providing excellent quality products at competitive prices since 1990.

Their company is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou – Zhejiang Province, which is famous for its rich history and culture. The city provides an ideal environment for its team of highly-skilled professionals to progressively make new and innovative items that match the ever-changing needs of its customers. With abundant natural resources, a good transportation network, and an outstanding environment, their factory is located at an ideal place for developing new businesses or expanding existing ones.


Oushi Metal  Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of vanadium products with high quality, competitive prices, and excellent service. Oushi Metal specializes in producing and selling vanadium and other chemicals. They have been producing vanadium products for years and have accumulated rich experience producing vanadium products. Because they have a large amount of production equipment and skilled workers, their products are highly appreciated by customers worldwide. In addition to their brand “Oushi,” which offers many high-quality products in the market, they also sell products under OEM or ODM orders.

Their company has established good business relationships with many customers worldwide, such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc., especially with Japan-based companies such as Electrolux (Japan), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan), etc. They always provide excellent customer service through timely delivery and after-sales service.

Tangshan Donghua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Donghua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading steel manufacturers in China. The firm produces various steel products, including pipes, sheets, strips, wire rods, bars, hollow sections, tubes, flat bars, round bars, and rectangular bars. This company sits on more than 240,000 square meters and has a total investment of more than 100 million yuan. Tangshan Donghua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd has been in the steel industry for over ten years.

The factory was established in 2002 with registered capital of 10 million Yuan by the Tangshan Donghua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd as a result of the integration between Tangshan Shouhai Metals Co., Ltd., Tangshan Shouhai Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Jinyi Coal Mining Company Limited and others.

The company produces hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and carbon steel products according to customers’ requirements. In recent years, it has been actively exporting to overseas markets such as Vietnam, Russia, Mongolia, etc.

Shaoguan Vanadium New Materials Co., Ltd.

This company is located in the city of Shaoguan, south China’s Guangdong Province. The company was established in 2001 as a joint-venture enterprise of Shaoguan Dajie and Shaoguan Xingang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a famous shipbuilding enterprise. Now this company has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The main products include vanadium steel wire and coil and other vanadium alloys, such as titanium vanadium steel wire and coil. Its advantages are high quality, low price, wide application range, and good reputation among customers at home and abroad.

Shaoguan Vanadium New Materials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fine quality materials for various industries, including food industry machinery, electric power industrial machinery, and so on; It also has many years of experience in producing vanadium products for various industries that can be used in these fields such as electrical engineering machinery, etc.

It mainly produces high-quality, low carbon steel wire coils for electric power networks construction projects like transmission towers and high-quality stainless-steel coils for cable laying projects like submarine cables, etc.


As a strategic and critical metal, Vanadium is widely used in military and civilian industrial applications. Therefore, it will have wide application prospects, and demand for Vanadium will increase continuously in conjunction with more companies. But as of current, the above are the four best manufacturers in China.

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