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5 Tips to Protect Your Skin in Current Changing Weather

Protect Your Skin

Our skin conditions alter when we migrate from a chilly to a warm environment or from heat waves to cold weather. We can observe the impact, including complexion changes, pimples, acne, and other skin problems.

The temperature drops and this affects every facet of our lifestyle. Our attire, food patterns, and environment all shift throughout time. However, there is one part of our lives that transform gradually: our bodies. Our skin starts to alter on its own. When our skin changes, we must also adapt our facial cleanser and skincare routine.

Always Use Sunscreen before Going Outside 

One must always apply sunscreen regardless of the season. Although it is wintertime, sun cream is a necessity. Nevertheless, during the summertime, the radiation from the sun is higher, increasing the risk of sunburned skin or sunlight damage. Choose a moisturizer with comprehensive UVA / UVB prevention and a high PA level. When out in the sun, it’s also essential to keep applying moisturizer every two hours.

Make use of pH-balanced gentle soaps. If your skin is dry, apply olive or coconut oil to your entire body before bathing. If the intensity of oil dryness is high, you can avoid using soap. There is a misconception that we only need to moisturize our skin in the wintertime. However, it is as vital to hydrate our skin in the summer.

Always Make Your Body Hydrated 

One must strictly follow the maintenance of the skin’s moisture content. It nourishes the skin even while assisting in scar and fine line elimination. Always use an oil-free face moisturizer to make your body refreshed without being greasy or humid. Moreover, drink water at least 7-8 glass in a day to stay hydrated.

Don’t Wash Your Face Frequently

Another prevalent myth is that when oil consumption increases in the wintertime, people wash and scrub their faces excessively. This can deplete the skin’s organic lipid membrane, resulting in blemishes or an increase in secretion. It should be enough to wash your face two times a day with a gentle soap and face wash suitable for your skin tone.

Pay Attention to A Well-Balanced Diet

Consumption of seasonal fruits and raw and fresh veggies throughout the winter months may enable you to achieve a glowing skin texture and shine. It is advised not to consume artificial sweeteners and roasted, salty foods or junk food because they can damage the body’s ecology and induce water retention. Protein- and antioxidant-rich foods are essential for maintaining youthful skin and hair.

Remember to Look After Your Nails, Lips, and Hair

Our scalp and hair are equally vulnerable to weather fluctuations as our body. As a result, we should use gentle cleansers with lukewarm water and conditioner to keep our hair protected and robust. Prescribed medication cleansers are being used if there is increased oil synthesis causing greasy hair and dandruff. Lips and nails, like the other part of the skin, need to be hydrated and safeguarded from the sunlight.

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