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Know How Podcast Can Boost Your Brand Presence

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Podcasting is more than building links and finding podcaster in your business niche and pitching yourself as a guest interview is a great way to promote your brand. Though, pitching for a podcast is similar to guest posting, but in audio or video format. Some podcasters even run blogs while including the show notes from the podcast as a post on their site. It’s one of the overlooked opportunities in SEO since it involves public speaking that most people don’t like. Here are a few things to consider while playing the masterstroke with the podcast-

Getting out of your comfort zone

While preparing for the podcast, there are two ways to reach your audience; one is by interview, and another is by making guest posts. Some podcast might have a massive audience with thousands and hundreds of download. However, if you’re a shy person or worried about telling something that you might regret later, then it’s better to stick to written guest posting.

Count the benefit in SEO from podcast links

While taking the initiative, the first thing that will come to your mind is that your competition isn’t probably doing this. There are a number of professionals who prefer to analyze and go by back-links created by other experts. Well, doing this no doubt helps you to gain some value, but it requires some unique strategies to stand out from the crowd.

So, getting out of your comfort zone and promoting your brand on podcast help you in taking a leap in your business. You will get some niche-relevant links that your competitors will fear in pursuing since not everyone really likes the idea of public speaking.

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Benefits beyond the links

If you’re doing SEO for a site, no doubt the goal would be building a brand and get some good ROI out of your months of effort. However, your focus should be on promoting your brand in front of the right audience, even if it is a podcast interview. When it comes to securing a spot of an interview, you have to do thorough research. Take a look into the topics they are covering and find the gap that may not have been discussed yet.

Checkout relevant podcasts before you start

Before pitching as an expert for your guests, check out the podcaster in your niche. While searching for guest posting opportunities, you might have gone through advanced Google search option to find out the relevant opportunities. And, if you find it too much time consuming, then using iTunes and SEMrush tool can help you to find out relevant podcasts.

  • iTunes: As soon as you search for your topic throughout iTunes and the app will give a link to those websites having podcasts.
  • SEMrush: You can do more than finding back-link using SEMrush. You can find your prospects while using it as an amazing brand monitoring tool that looks for recent mentions on relevant words and phrases on the web. Even, you can choose some keywords to generate a list of podcast candidates.

Get ready to pitch yourself as podcast guests

There is no need to send out a mass mail to hop out for the best. Podcasters just get annoyed by the blind outreach as the bloggers do. Take some time to listen to a recent episode and personalize your pitch accordingly. However, there’s nothing to be disappointed if you find interview slot is months away.  That’s probably a good thing that the show might have a big audience to attract tons of applicants.

In the end, you will get to improve the diversity of your link profile as well as increased authority and trust to the search engines. With high production value, it will make your content more shareable. There will be likely to be show notes that will drive links back to your website.


A podcast interview is not only about content; instead, they are great quality content. It’s a great way to build the expertise, authority and branding for your business. When people will hear your voice, it adds a deeper level of trust.  To make things even better, creating a transcript along with the podcast episodes is something great you can do. You can have written word content that will go well along with the spoken content, which can help you to boost your SEO effort. However, remember, it is a consistent process and not to do once in a while.

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