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5 Best and Worst Milks for Your Heart Health


Every mother to nurture her baby looks forward to give milk as a source of nourishment. As technology has advanced to a great extent, there are so many among techniques that have come up to purify the milk that we get from the animals. However, it is equally true that during such purification process, we often lose the necessary nutrients present in it. Milk is a good source of protein and calcium and also offers the energy to the body. Whether you have sleeping issues or your stomach is upset, milk is solution for most of the health problems. Talking of which, we will learn today about 5 worst and best milk for your heart that you may consider.

Organic Cow’s Milk:

This type of whole cow milk is obviously the healthy option but it contains high calories of around 146 calories with 24 milligrams of cholesterol. There is no doubt that it is a good source of necessary nutrients, vitamins, proteins, minerals, potassium and calcium but it contains more cholesterol as compared to other milk due to which you have to take extra care of drinking it at the older age. This high-fat dairy needs to be avoided for people with weak heart.

Soy Milk:

Rich with 80 calories and around 7 g of protein, this is one of the healthy milk that is advised for people of all ages. However, soy milk has high levels of polyunsaturated fats which need to be avoided by weaker heart. If you plan to drink this milk, to achieve its good nutrients, you have to make sure that you drink it without any sugar or extra flavors. Although it is a healthy diet but only if you drink it in the desired quantity.

Rice Milk:

This milk is not much drank by many people but it is filled with some good nutrients, proteins and vitamins that help the body have a good health. One cup of rice milk contains as much calcium present in the cow’s milk. If you take it in the desired level, it can control the cholesterol problem. However, it has too much carbs present in it so you have to make sure that you take it in desired quantity only.

Camel’s Milk:

This is healthy milk which is good for heart but as compared to any other milk, this milk has better rate of vitamin c and iron. It has also been proved beneficial for the diabetic patients. People who are on diet should start drinking this milk because it is a good source to speed up the metabolism rate.

Almond Milk:

This is heart healthy milk that has many other good health benefits as well. It contains 30-40 calories in 1 cup of serving. It is also known for improving the brain function and reducing the inflammation problem.

Milk is good for people of all ages unless they are allergic to it. At the young age, you need it to make your bones stronger while at the old age you need it as a supplement for energy. However, your heart grows old as your age increases and that is when you need to be careful while drinking the right type of milk. With the above guidelines, it is at least clear which type of milk is a good source for your heart and which can affect your body at the old age. So make your choice carefully this time and choose a healthy option.

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