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Reasons to Choose Android Application Development Over IOS

Android or IOS? This is perhaps one of the most debated topics in these times. While almost 1 billion people in this world use IOS, the rest still rely upon the android. When it comes to the development of any application, it is a crucial question for most of the companies. 

It might be a small deal for big firms. However, for small businesses, it is something that can either cause success or failure. Why would a company go for android application development or IOS? Read this write-up to know more. 

A Glance at the Market Shares Proves the Choice

The last 5 years of the market shares prove that the android overcomes IOS. The consistency in the shares of android indicates that although the majority likes to be with IOS, investments are still better with Android. 

A close look at the data records of the past 2 years indicates that almost 87% – 90% of the people like android. This implies that the pace of android as a platform is much better than the any other operating system market. 

Low Cost Technology with a High ROI

The Android market has been associated with a large number of clients for ages.  Most of the android applications are available for free downloads from the play store. This contrasts the features of other operating systems where downloading applications is either not cost-effective or easy. 

If organizations continue investing in android, they will definitely have high ROI in low investments. Since the number of android users is increasing around the globe, there is no lack of clients. This calls for a high ROI no matter which domain of the android market you are investing in. 

Less Barriers in Entry on Various Platforms

The Android market is open to a variety of platforms. For creating an application with IOS, you must get confined to the Mac. However, in the case of android, there is no such restriction.

You can find android applications working smoothly and freely on platforms like linux, window’s, and others. This indicates the less number of barriers in entry of the android applications. 

The fee of registering the application on the IOS store is higher than android. It takes almost $99 while the android takes $25 as the charge to register the application. 

The duration of launching the application on android platforms is only a day. Whereas, the duration of launching an app on IOS is half a month. 

Target Other Platforms for Developing Your Android Applications

Apart from Kotlin, the best android application development language, is replaceable with Java. This is the benefit of the android platform. You can develop these applications using a variety of languages. 

Most of the established businesses use these diverse android application platforms. Since this targets a number of users worldwide, this is one of the key strategies of the established businesses. 

Add More Features to Your Android Applications

Android platforms are open source. This means that there is no restriction on the number of features that you can add to them. However, this feature is missing in most of the other operating systems.

Thus, android applications are more flexible to add desired features as per the demands of the users. 

The Scalability and Versatility of the Android is Greater

The scalability of the android applications is greater than others. Although there are a number of platforms that guarantee the availability of applications among various devices, the probability of finding android applications is more.

The advantage of merging with other platforms like the tablets, smartphones, desktops, and others forms an ecosystem that accounts for the versatility. This proves to be advantageous for both the developers as well as the users

It is Comparatively Easier to Learn Android App Development than Others

Anything you do requires a specific skillet. Development of an android application requires training. On the other hand, developing applications on the other platforms also requires other training. However, the difference is that the android application’ development training is easier to grasp.

The training to develop applications on other platforms might be more time-consuming. It may lead to a loss sometimes. Hence, the advantages lies in opting for the android application development training. 


The market has been loaded with the platforms that have a digitised stage. This is the place where you, as an individual or an organization, can interact with the world. The medium might be the applications and other services. However, there are certain factors that affect the presentation and this worldwide interaction. 

Choosing android or other platforms, such as IOS requires the knowledge of certain factors. These factors have been discussed in this write-up. However, you can take the assistance of a mobile app development company. They might guide you regarding the research and other factors. 

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