Monday, June 24, 2024

PM Modi to Set Up Task Force to Improve For Next Three Olympics


This year at Rio Olympics, India certainly gave a solid performance but now the expectation bar from the sports team has certainly increased to a great extent. If sources are to be believed, after a great yet surprising performance of PV Sindhu wining silver medal and Sakshi Malik winning a bronze medal, India still needs to buckle up more in different categories of the sports. With two medals although indie has come into news but it has equally created a fury in the minds of many people as the achievement does not seem to be that great from other athletes who participated in the competition. That is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently made an announcement to come up with the task force.

There is no doubt that expectation reaches at a high level when a country has more than 100 athletes to represent. Definitely, there is a tough competition for Indian athletes in different categories but if practice and dedication are not met at par then it would definitely become quite challenging to achieve even a bronze medal. Keeping this point in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to set up a Task Force. It would include an action plan in which the participation from any athletes is expected to be met in which a great practice and training will be given to the participants in the next three Olympics.

Expectations have reached to new level:

India certainly looks forward to actively participate in Olympics. This year, it was one of the biggest contingents which consisted of 118 athletes for Rio Olympics. When the medal standings were done, the country stood out on 67th Rank out of which two athletes won one bronze and silver medal in badminton and freestyle wrestling. This time no doubt that Women empowerment ruled the sports but it would be equally appreciated other athletes also show some more enthusiasm and dedication to win the competitions. To let the athletes get a better platform to practice and showcase their skills, PM Modi has finally come up with the Task Force conclusion.

The Task Force is a New Hope

As per the reliable sources, Modi has made an announcement with the council of ministers at the cabinet for the benefit of athlete’s team. The OM has come up with a new strategy called the Task Force in which a team of experts will be hired for few days. This team will be responsible for making an action plan that may prove effective for the athletes. The task force would be responsible for creating a strategy for training, sports facilities and selection process which would be organized and give opportunity for the deserving candidates to come up and be a part of next three Olympic Games – 2020, 2024 and 2028

We look forward to Team India to come up with more medals. Certainly, there seems to be a huge pressure on the athletes who would be participating in 2020 Olympics. But it is equally expected that government pays enough of contribution for the sportsman to showcase their abilities and get a right platform where they can practice hard and achieve the success ladder and gain a reputation for the country irrespective of the medal they bring.

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